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Medical Psychotherapy & Wellness

Medical Psychotherapy focuses on the direct delivery of clinical care to individuals and their families to promote prevention and/or recovery from emotional distress caused by medical issues.
A State of Mind Counseling Services has a team of Mental Health and Medical Practitioners consisting of Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Registered Nurses that will assist you and your family with emotionally adjusting to various medically related issues. Our practitioners primarily assist the patient and their family with adjusting and coping with the emotional challenges of being diagnosed with a serious medical illness (e.g. cancer, stroke, HIV, cardiac disease, and diabetes) , physical injuries (e.g. workman’s comp, accidents, head injuries, Chronic pain, etc.) and life altering events (e.g. birth of child, postpartum depression, gastrointestinal bypass, infertility, surrogacy, etc.). Treatment may include individual, family and group psychotherapy, education, access to care advocating, relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, dream work, journaling, cognitive behavioral techniques etc.
Our practitioners believe that optimal healing occurs when all aspects of a person are addressed. We support a Tri-level perspective, consisting of incorporating the physical, psychological and spiritual spheres. These three spheres work together and influence a person's health and wellness.
Your Medical Psychotherapy team will be in close communication with your primary physician. This is an essential activity of how we assist you and your family members in adjusting to this life changing event. We work with the patient during all phases of the illness: helping with prevention; coping with a recent diagnosis; adjusting to a new lifestyle or terminal stage disease; and seeing family members through bereavement. We work with individuals across the life span from 4 years old to 99 years old.
Our team is committed to helping patients address the emotional connection to their physical health and wellness. We will work with you to better understand the impact of negative thoughts and emotions on your health. You will then learn ways to change negative emotional patterns and triggers which can alter your body’s chemistry and immune system.
You and your Medical Psychotherapy team will collaboratively identify goals for treatment. Then, depending on your needs your Medical Psychotherapist specialist will assist you in identifying and developing a treatment plan to assist you in your emotional and medical health recovery journey.

Common Medical Diagnosis that benefit from
Medical Psychotherapy Services
Cardiac Disease
High Blood Pressure
Alzheimer's and other Cognitive Disorders
Weight Loss Issues
Smoking Cessation
Difficulty Conceiving
Recent Surgeries
Bariatric Surgeries
Chronic Pain
Head Injuries/TBI

Benefits of Mental Health Counseling &
Medical Psychotherapy 
Speed healing and recovery
Adapt to a medical condition
Boost your immune system and reduce the risk of illness
Resolve past trauma, anxiety and depression
Overcome obstacles and attain personal health goals 
Lose weight
Smoking cessation
Take control of health
Learn how to effectively advocate for you or your family's medical needs
Adjust to recent employment loss
Disability and workman's Comp Evaluations
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