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Neuropsychological, Psychological & Psychoeducational Testing

 Neuropsychological Testing and Assessment


Neuropsychological tests offer an estimate of a person’s peak level of cognitive performance.  Aspects of cognitive functioning that are assessed typically include orientation, new-learning/memory, intelligence, language, visuoperception, and executive-functioning. However, clinical neuropsychological assessments are more than this, they also focus on a person’s psychological, personal, interpersonal and wider contextual circumstances. These evaluations assist in understanding the pattern of cognitive strengths as well as any difficulties a person may have, and aid in decision making for use in a medical or rehabilitation environment.


The Goals of Neuropsychological Testing & Assessment:

To clarify a diagnosis and to determine the nature of the underlying problem.

To understand the nature of any brain injury or resulting cognitive problem and its impact on the individual, as a means of devising a rehabilitation program or offering advice as to an individual’s ability to carry out certain tasks.

Assessments may be undertaken to measure change in functioning over time, such as to determine the consequences of a surgical procedure or the impact of a rehabilitation program over time.


Examples of Disorders and issues:


Brain Injuries

Developmental Delays


Pain related assessments


Learning related concerns

Language related concerns

Visuospatial concerns

Accident related concerns & Workman’s Compensation


Psychoeducational Testing and Assessments

Psychoeducational assessments provide estimates of an individual’s intellectual, cognitive abilities and educational achievement levels. They assist in recommending educational planning.

Examples of issues assessed include:

Intelligence and educational achievement

Learning disabilities

Developmental delays

Attention Deficit Disorder  (ADD/ADHD)

Gifted assessments


Academic and cognitive

Educational recommendations.


Psychological Testing and Evaluations

Psychological evaluations assess whether an individual appears to have any psychological problems.  The evaluation focuses on whether the individual has the symptoms of any specific psychological diagnoses or a number of diagnoses. The evaluation determines what type of treatment is most likely to be beneficial.


Examples of issues or concerns:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Pre and Post Operative Evaluations (Bariatric, Cardiac, Plastic, etc.)


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Anxiety Disorder





Eating Disorders

Many other related psychological concerns

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